Needle Exchange Harm Reduction Advice

Injecting is extremely risky; whether you’re injecting Steroids, Heroin or Snowballing. We always recommend you do not inject as it brings all sorts of risks with it.

If you are going to inject despite knowing the risks please checkout some of our ideas below to help you stay as safe as possible.

1. Carry Naloxone

Naloxone wipes Heroin and other opiates off your receptors which means that any Heroin in your body will stop being effective for enough time to get emergency services involved by bringing you out of an overdose. If you haven’t got one call us now to get yours. If you have, make sure it isn’t over 3 years old and get in touch if it is to renew your pack.

2. Never Share

Our needle exchange is always stocked with ‘Nevershare’ barrels which will ensure you never get confused as to which one is yours.

3. Always use fresh equipment

There’s no excuse, our needle exchange is always stocked. If our exchange is closed; checkout the out of hours page to find one near you. Sharing equipment puts you at enormous risk of contracting blood borne viruses such as Hepatitis or HIV.

4. Never inject into high-risk areas

Your groin, your breasts, your penis and your neck are very high risk and we will always recommend not injecting into these areas.

5. If it’s pink stop and think

Make sure you inject into veins; a handy guide is that when injecting if a pink substance comes out; stop immediately. If it’s red it will be a vein and you can continue.

You can find lot’s more advice to keep you safe at Harm Reduction Works; checkout their videos and leaflets.

To find out where you can access a Needle Exchange click here.



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