World Homeless Day 2016



10/10/2016 is World Homeless Day. The concept of ‘World Homeless Day’ emerged from online discussions between people working to respond to homelessness from various parts of the world. The Inaugural World Homeless Day was marked on the 10th of October 2010. Since its founding, World Homeless Day has been observed on every continent except Antarctica, in several dozen countries. The purpose of World Homeless Day is to draw attention to homeless people’s needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness, while taking advantage of the stage an ‘international day’ provides.

Between June and April this year 5000 households in the UK have become homeless following eviction by private landlords bringing the total for the last 12 months 18000.

Despite being predominantly a health service for drug users, The Recovery Partnership in Warwickshire have launched a brand new housing service with a specialist housing lead in response to the above figures. As part of the launch we wish to support the local homelessness and housing services in their work and raise awareness of homelessness in the community through World Homeless Day.

As part of this, we would be grateful of donations of the things that are desperately needed but often overlooked. We are asking for donations of sanitary products for females who are on the streets as well as clean, new underwear. It would be brilliant if you could take part by dropping off anything you can spare to any of our sites in Warwickshire, at which point we would distribute to those in need.

World Homeless Day 2016
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