Structured Day Programmes

Our structured day programme has a wide range of insightful and impactful tools designed to get you the best possible outcome in your recovery journey. Our extensive programme will help you to challenge the way you think and feel about drugs and/or alcohol. It will enable you to be assertive, build your self confidence and your self e-steem whilst educating you about the real risks posed by the drug or alcohol you or your family member is using and give you some real and practical skills to stop using them and be free from dependence.

Our current programme includes the following courses:

Self Build Programme

4 areas are covered in this programme, they are: Positive thinking; Me, Myself and I; Assertiveness and Relapse Prevention

Understanding Harm Reduction

We cover the Cycle of change; Ambivalence; Harm Reduction (including Naloxone)

Alcohol Awareness

We cover the impact of drinking on you; what units are and how to calculate them; ways of reducing and advice about detox and rehab

Understanding Substance Misuse

We look at cravings; triggers; the animal brain and take a look at the different kinds of drugs out there

Family Group

This group is run by our recovery champions and volunteers; we offer support for family members affected by drugs or alcohol and support them to deal with the situation as well as tips and ideas how to help and how not to help.

MAP (Mutual Aid Partnership) Group

Our MAP group is run by volunteers and takes and in depth look at building motivation

Women’s Group

A support group for women only

MIND Delivered Anxiety & Relaxation Course (Pilot Scheme Running Currently)

Learn to relax and reduce anxiety with some real practical tools delivered by Coventry & Warwickshire MIND


We cover triggers; cravings and goal setting


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